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Thank you to the following individuals for their
extraordinary commitments to support Wolf Trap Foundation’s
2022 programs at the $25k+ leadership level as well as
The Campaign for Wolf Trap: Our Next Chapter.


Dan and Gayle D’Aniello*


Hillary and Tom Baltimore*

Shashikant and Margaret Gupta*

Gary D. Mather and
Christina Co Mather*

Karen and Fred Schaufeld*

$1,000,000 TO $2,499,999

John and Susie King*

Jean and Ric Edelman*

Anne R. Kline and Geoffrey Pohanka*

Matt Korn and Cindy Miller*

$500,000 TO $999,999

The Setian Family*

Janet and Calvin Hill*

Ed and Andy Smith*

F. Chapman and Grace Taylor*

Robert and Lisa Van Hoecke*

$250,000 TO $499,999

C.E. and Jean Andrews*

Brickman Family Foundation*

Bruce Caswell and Lauren Deichman*

Melissa Delgado and Tony Colangelo*

The ElSawy Family Foundation*

Virginia McGehee Friend*

Alka and Sudhakar Kesavan*

Janet and Jerry Kohlenberger*

Edward and Susan O’Connell*

Donna and Jim Reagan*

Kevin and Kate Robbins*

John and Jessica Wood*

$100,000 TO $249,999

Anonymous (2)

The Ananthanpillai Family*

The Bedrock Community Fund*

Kevin and Cynthia Boyle*

Denise Chen and Tim Maas*

Lynn and John Dillon*

Kimberly Engel Haber and Brett Haber/The Dennis & Judy Engel Charitable Foundation 

Ken and Vickie Hayduk*

Shelly and Jack Hazel*

Sue J. Henry and Carter G. Phillips*

The Ithaka Foundation*

Eric and Heather Kadel*

Nancy Laben and Jon Feiger*

Dr. Denise Riedel Lewis and
Kenneth J. Lewis*

Dan and Gloria Logan
| The Revada Foundation

Bob and Lisa Lutz*

General Lester and
Mina Lyles and Family*

Arvind Manocha and Gideon Malone*

Reed and Pat Menster Neuman*

Dr. James Roth*

Srikant Sastry and Manjula Pindiprolu*

Michael Saylor

Todd and Elaine Stottlemyer*

Theresa Thompson*

Victoria Trumbower and David Ralston*

Lynn and Carl Verboncoeur*

Deborah F. and David A. Winston*

Governor and Mrs. Glenn Youngkin

$50,000 TO $99,999

David C. Frederick and Sophia Lynn

Broderick Johnson and Michele Norris*

Robert M. and Joyce A. Johnson*

Jacqueline B. Mars

Nanette and Charles Mees

The Webber Family

$25,000 TO $49,999


Christopher M. and Andrita J. Andreas

Michael and Ana Beckley

Jan Brandt

Craig and Valerie Dykstra

Vincent Ferraro and Laura Forte*

Mason Hirst Foundation

Leana and Marc Katz

Ashok and Stuti Kaveeshwar

Samuel Meisner

Stephen and Betsy Mundt

Boofie and Joe O’Gorman

Gerry and Lynn Rubin

Tenley Carp and David Samuels*

Danielle and John Saunders

Craig and Christina Sharon*

Paul and Tracy Tartaglione

Ann Ziff

*Also donors to The Campaign for Wolf Trap: Our Next Chapter

Thank you to the following individuals for supporting Wolf Trap Foundation’s arts and education programs with gifts between
March 20, 2021 and April 30, 2022.

$15,000 TO $24,999

Anonymous (2)

Beth B. Buehlmann

Richard and Evelyn Bynum*

The Byrnes Family in
Memory of Gregory S. Byrnes

Shawn and Gail Cali

Jeff and Jacqueline Copeland*

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Fischer

James N. Glerum+ and
Diane Morales Glerum

Clark Hoyt and Linda Kauss

Dana and David Martin

Ann McPherson McKee, Gift in Remembrance of Burtt &
Rebecca Gray McKee and
Douglas & Ann McKee Seeley

Janet M. Osborn*

JoAn D. Tolley

$10,000 TO $14,999

Anonymous (5)

Ernie and Cathy Abbott

Satya and Suneetha Akula

Jay and Terry Bachmann

Jennie and Mark Bishof*

Jeremy and Stephanie Blank*

Dr. and Dr. Farid Boughanem

Kavita and Jay Challa

Michael and Deborah Chusmir/
The Victor & Gussie
Baxt Fund

Enrico and Linda Della Corna

Bonnie Feld

In Honor of Jim and Mary
Beggs, Allen and Maureen Fox

Chris and Jennifer Greenlee

Gil and Janice Guarino

Mark Hoplamazian,
CEO, Hyatt Hotels Corp

Ronald and Jodie Hunter

Lisa and Richard Jeanneret

Governor and
Mrs. Dirk Kempthorne

Ross and Kaye Kory

Priya and Anirudh Kulkarni

Sachiko Kuno Foundation

Matt Lerner/
Frederick Coin Exchange

Tim and Bernadette Manning

Wendy and Dario Marquez

Mary Rose McCaffrey

Ray and Colleen McDuffie

Dr. Anuj Narang

Patsy and Howard Norton

Philip and Marjorie Odeen

Michael and Cynthia O’Kane

H. Mac and Michele-Anne Riley

Patti and John Robertson

Brenda and William Romenius

Peri and William Ross

Karl and Susan Salnoske

Stan and Ruth Seemann

Jiten (Jay) and Sujani (Jen) Shah

Jay Siegel and Mona Sarfaty

Jon and Pat Simons*

Ashley Stow

Alison and Jim Tanner

Ranvir and Adarsh Trehan

Caroline Morris Van Kirk

Theresa and John B. Wood*

Greg and Janne Young

$6,000 TO $9,999

Anonymous (8)

Ramon and Marissa Alcala

John R. and Kathy Allen

Steven and Marjie Alloy

Erin and Derek Arrison

Mrs. Benjamin P. Astley

Russel and Ann Bantham

Richard and Julie Barcus

Thomas A. Belles and Carla Minosh

Paul Blakely

Cheryl A. Wooden and Dr. Deb Bobbitt

David M. Borowski and Kerry Cadden

Harlan W. and Mary M. Bowers

Rick and Debbie Bress

Beth Brummel and Michael Beresik

Alice and Terry Burns

Dan and Leslie Burpee

John and Susan Byrne

Madison and Victoria Calvert

Drew and Therese Caplan

Jim and Mary Anne Carlson

Marcia and Frank C.+ Carlucci III

Christopher and Carol Casto

James and Karen Chamberlain

Allayne and Brian Chappelle

The Chaskin Family

Jay W. and Heidi A. Chesky

Sarah and James Choi

Brian J. Christianson

Karen and Jim Cleveland*

Kenneth W. Coan/
Sevila Coan Financial Group
of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Kathy and Jim Connor

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners

John and Mary Davis

Jeff and Natalie Davis

Tami and Jeff Dierman

Coolie Doolie

Jerry Drye

Raymond A. and
Roslyn M. Duda

Juliana Dunlap and
James Corrigan

Diana and Douglas Dykstra

Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Edmonds
/Dean S. Edmonds Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin

Sara and Samuel Feder

Mary and Leo Fox

Michael P. and Marilyn H. Fitzgerald

Susan Fox/
The Walt Disney Company

Dennis and Malinda Garris

Cathy A. German

Bonnie L. Goldschmidt
and Michele Shimek

William and Jacqueline A. Gravell

Marge and Joe Grills

Atul Grover

Marlene and William Haffner

Dr. Dabney G. Hart /
Mr. & Mrs. T. Michael Louden

Robert H. and
Brenda Hawthorne

Ashley Iddings

Ricki and Joel Kanter

Sean M. Kelley

Tracy K. Kenny*

Laura, Jess, Mike, and Tim Kennedy

Gayle and Jonathan Kosarin

Sherry Rutherford and Bill Krokowski

Jenna and Wyatt Korff

David F. La Mar and Terri L. Crowl

David and Mary Beth Lane

John and Cindy Langan

Sheri A. Layton

George Lowden*

Chip and Katie Lowry

Mr. and Mrs. James F. MacGuidwin

Barbara and Marcus Malloy Canzoneri

Clark and Kathleen Manning
and Family

Philip and Sandy+ Marcum

Kenneth and Kathleen Marshall

Cynthia and John Martin

Linda Mazawey

Terri and Michael McClements*

Patrick and Sheryl McCurnin

Susie and Josh Metz

Buzz and Donna Miller

James and Audrey Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Moses III*

John Murray and Jill Hansen

Dawn and Stephen Orr

Kimberly Parks

Renata and Spence Patterson

Nora and Glen Petitt

Carol S. Popowsky

Harish R. Rao & Chelsea R. Rao

Joetta Rauchnot

Dion and Michelle Rudnicki*

Rebecca and William Sanders

Jeff and Dawn Sanok

Bernadette and Ed Saperstein

John and Darcy Sekas

Jonathan and Virginia Shames*

Joan Sheppard

Paul D. Shively and Claire L. Orth

Steven and Donna Shriver

Ronald and Deborah Sindler

Tina and Albert Small, Jr.

Joel K. and Martha L. Smith

Duncan and Patricia Sparrell

Peter and Jennie Stathis

David L. Straus, Gift in
Remembrance of Betty B. Straus

Virginia and Alan Strauss

Pam and Greg Sullivan

Derrick Tam

Peter and Ann Tanous

Clarence and Anne Taylor

Mark and Jeanette Testoni

Ray and Stacey Thal

Tori Thomas

Rob Timmins and Jeff Kaplan

Rosetta and Martin Virgilio

Richard and Mary Wall

John and Gina Wasson

Marc and Cortney Weber

Dr. Brooke Weddle and
Mr. Miguel Payan

Sue Irish and Kenn Weir

Linda Whittington

Lisa and Eric Wieman

Sean and Nancy Willson

David and Ellen Winter

Bill and Terry Witowsky

James Y. S. Yap

Jake and Whitney Zatzkin*

$4,000 TO $5,999

Anonymous (14)

Christopher and
Kathryn Adams

Mark and Robin Adams

Melinda Ampthor

Barbara and Bear Ard

Susan and Jim Arnold

Karen Azoff

John C. Backus, Jr.

Rose Bates

Drs. Robert and
Lucille S. Beck

Amy Beckman and
Steven Gaba

Susan and Marc Benezra

Dottie Bennett and
Richard Morton

B. Michael and Sandra Berger

Kevin and Jane Bise

Sharon Blackwell

Allen and Marca Blocker

Carol and John Boochever

Regina and Bill Bouie

Michael Boyle

Sharon Bradley

Kevin M. Breslin

Rex Brouillard and
Michelle Henry

Nancy Broyhill

Dennis and Julie Bruns

Sarah Buescher and
Peter Cullen

Nancy and Dennis Burke

Robert and Brenda Burleson

Laina Bush and
Michael Zajkowski

Donna Callejon and
Deborah Whiteside

Linda Carr

Sam Ceccola

Col. (R) Lary and Sabine Chinowsky

John Claringbould and Patricia Loughrey

Susan R. Clayman and
Frank Starks

William Clayton

Beth and Michael Coakley

Franklin C. Coleman

Phyllis and Wes Corley

Jeffrey Couillard

Catherine L. Marsh
and Charles Cox

Kevin Crabtree and
Mary Kelleher-Crabtree

Jon and Patty Craver*

Allen Haid and
Sandra Cummins-Haid

Dan and Bekki Danner

Scott and Krista Darnell

Steve and Christie Day*

Susie and Oscar De Soto

Kathleen and Joseph Deal

Trevor and Ingrid Dearman

Meghan and John Deese

David L. Denny and
Laurie Scott Denny

Barbara A. DiCicco

Leonard and Cherrie Doggett

Joseph and Pat Donahue

Jason Dorsey

Kristin and Eric Dubelier

Jim and Timoney Dunlap

Rear Admiral and
Mrs. Thomas J. Eccles, USN (Ret)

James and Diane Ecklund

Robert and Alison Eisiminger

Eddie and Rachel Eitches

Randall Eliason and Cherie Kiser

Nancy and Daniel Ellis

Jack Fahey

Ginny Kogan Feldman

Gerard F. Fiala

Taryn Fielder and Ryan Forsythe

Ross Fishkind

Rhonda A. Fleming

Ben and Peg Flowe

Roger and Nancy Fones

Tucker Foreman

Bob and Rachel Foster

Lauren E. Freeman

David Freshwater

Russell Frey

Dan Frisby

Gerry and Lynne Gabrys/
Guest Services, Inc.

Christina and Louis Gadrinab*

Eddy and Joan Gallahan

Lien and George Galloway

Glenn and Barbara Gardner

Chris Garner

Barbara Gernon and Valerie Kimball

Chris and Clare Girolamo

Scott and Colleen Gold

William Gould

Jennifer and Todd Graham

Teresa and Garson Green

Andrea M. Greenan

Brian and Deb Grosner

Norene and Tim Guilford

Stanley J. and Cynthia M. Gutkowski

MaryLynn and Greg Haase

Nicole Alfandre Halbreiner

Todd and Melinda Hall

William Hanlon

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Harris

Larry and Nancy Harrison

Bonnie and Bob Haukness

Teresa M. Haycraft

Frank and Teresa Hearl

Sharon Heinle and
Chris DeLashmutt

Leigh and Peter Henry

Carrie Hidalgo

Justin and Jennifer Hill

Jacqueline Hinman

Greg Holden and
Chris Zebrowski

John and Colleen Hope

Nettie Horne

Robert and Linda Horrigan

Shannon Houck

Jeffrey Houle*

Patricia and Edward Houser

Carolyn and Ben Howell*

Briglia Hundley, P.C.

Kevin and Barbara Hutto

Rylan and Carl Hutzler

Dr. Renee Iacona

Richard and Anna Jackson

John and Tracie Jacquemin/The Jacquemin Family Foundation

Richard and Laurie Johnson

Steven Job, Constellix*

Terre and Polly Jones

Sandhya and Devin Jopp

Roger and Teresa Keller

Patrick and Ellen Kelsay

Bobbie and Bill Kilberg

Ellen Kirsh

Stephen and
Mary Sue Kitchen

Mark and Elena Kleifges

Rae Ann and Bill Knopf

Tara T. Kochis

Leo Kratz

Howard Kravitz

Phyllis Krochmal

Richard and Barbara Kaufmann

Mr. William Kuckuck

Barry and Bambi Landew

John and Nancy Larue

Stuart and Brock Lending

Sue Leonard

Patsy and Marty Lerman

Leviton Family

Diane Lewis,
Washington Fine Properties

Ted and Vivian Lewis

Tracey and Dennis Liberson

Douglas and Elizabeth Lobel

Dr. Diana Locke and
Mr. Robert Toense

Jennifer and George Lowe

Marcia and Adrian Lund

Michael and Jennifer Maloney

Abby Mandel and
Mark Hirsch

William Mann

Joey and Anna Maranto

Frank and Susan Mars

Jan Martin

Kevin and Sarah Martin

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Martin, Jr.

Albert and Terri Martinez

Juliana E. May/JLL

Rosemary and
Adric McDowell

Cristina F. and
Michael A. McLaughlin

Susan and David McMunn

Brian and Halley Meadows

Mr. and Ms. Jay Meadows/
Meadows Farms Nurseries

Brenda Mejia

Ryan and Krista Miller

Thomas W. Minnick,
National Counseling Group

Cecelia and William Mitchell

Ramona and John W. Mockoviak

Ann and Keith Montgomery

The Honorable Jim Moran

Thomas and Lauren Morreale

Dee Dodson Morris

Darren and Jodi Morton

Robert and Barbara Moss

Anne Motz

R. Darrell Mounts
and Julie H. Mounts

James and Karen Murray

Leanne and James Myers

Sarah and John Nash

Richard and Stella Guerra Nelson

Trevor and Jennifer Nelson

Charles and Elizabeth Nesbitt

Darrell Netherton
and Robert Wheeler

Paul J. Nevins and
Sheila LaFalce

Katherine Newland*

Kathleen and Kevin Newmeyer

Community Foundation for Northern Virginia/Nolan Family Charitable Fund

Jill Norton

Laura and Sean O’Keefe

The Page Family

Laura Peebles and
Ellen Fingerman

Dennis Peery and Anu Saxena

Carey Pellock

Michael and Brigette Polmar*

Samantha and Troy Poppe

Margaret A. Porta and
Matthew T. Swayhoover

Chris Poteat

Sean and Shirley Prosser, in memory of Jim and Rosemary Prosser

Jeff and Jill Purdy

James Raba and
Maureen Nelson

Eileen Rader

David Rand

Chris and Rita Raymond

Reinsch Pierce Family Foundation
by Lola C. Reinsch

James and Linda Rettberg

Gayle Reuter

Dave and Aimee Richardson

Jim Roberts and
Julie Carter Roberts

Rick and Faith Roberts

Michael Romano

Amy Rossi*

Col. (R) J. Warren Russell
and Bonnie K. Blyth

Kathryn Tucker Rutkowski

Alicia Saffer and Kris Hatlelid

Sandeep and Anuradha Sahai

Drs. Stephen and Mary Sapp

Alan J. Savada and
Will Stevenson

Dave and Eileen Scearse

Jennifer and Andy Schenker

Jean Schiro-Zavela
and Vance Zavela

Monica and Robert Schmude

Adrienne Schoenwolf

Richard and Susan Seabrook

Jim Seeley

Dr. Steven & Mrs. Gretchen Seiler

Amy and Mario Shaffer

Samantha and
Evan Shinbaum

Kate Shuster

Linda B. Singletary

Dru and Marie Smith

Thomas and
Angelique Snyder

Amy and Patrick Souders

Sandra and Dean Souleles

Timothy and Martha Spadafore

Joan Stansfield, Stansfield
Signature Real Estate*

Drs. Virginia Steen
and Joseph Verbalis

Judith M. Stehling
and Edgar J. Ariza-Niño

Heather Stevens

Michael L. Stevens

Kathleen and Scott Stewart

Thomas and Heather Stroup

Sue Leonard

Lisa Stransky

Susan B. Sutter

Sinclair Szebrat

Sharad and Mahinder Tak

Justin and Jennifer Tate

Christopher Tate
and Kathleen Sullivan

Paul and Courtney Thieberger

Donald and Gloria Thorson

Joseph B. Tompkins, Jr.

Tim and Corina Trainer

Rick R. Treviño
and W. Larz Pearson

Sandra Tullius

Richard J. Underwood

Stephanie and
Fernando+ van Reigersberg

Drs. Virginia Steen and Joseph Verbalis

Alison Vest and Kenneth Cox

Robert and Janice Vitale*

Patricia Vokoun and Larry Randall

Catherine and Eric Waldron

Chris and Karen Warack

Kathy and C. Eric Warden

Roger and Diane Warin

Fielding and Maryann Watson

Marjorie H. Wax and
Brian P. Hochheimer

Elizabeth A. Way
and Dorothy Dougherty

Sandy and Carolyn Weininger

John and Marylou Whisler

Geoffrey and Tina White

Robert Whiteman

Kenneth and Gerolyn Whittemore

David and Joy Willey

Michael Williams

Dick and Maiju Wilson

Jody and Steve Winter

Elizabeth Wickersham

The Witt Family

Alan and Sandra Yamamoto

Linda and Joseph Young

S. Zeliff

$1,500 TO $3,999

Anonymous (13)

Stephanie and Robert Abraham

Amanda and Kevin Allexon

Alison Anderson

Byron E. and Mary L. Anderson

Richard and Rosemarie Andreano

Kathleen B. Ausubel

Karen Avery and Richard Chapman

Whit and Angela Ayres

Beverly Baird

Timothy Barber and Lauren Jeter

Andrew Bartley and Jill Herscot

Danielle Beach

Gwinneth Berexa

Jill Broderick

Steven M. Brody

Donna Brown

Mr. Gregory Buckis
and Ms. Margaret Buckis

Dr. Myla Carpenter

Wade Channell

Alan Chickinsky

Janet Clement

Laura Clements

Bob and Kellie Cochran

Deborah Copito

David and Lori Creasy

Thomas and Mary Cristler

Thomas and Melanie Cucchi

Christopher Cyrway
and Pamela Mazza

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dake

Michele Dandrea

Seth and Diane Davidson

Omar Dennis

Jeremy and Ann Derryberry

Michael Dill

Cos DiMaggio

Kathy and Andrew Ditmore

Robert and Sherryl Dorch

Gordon Douglass

Elizabeth Dresing

Ellen and Alan Dykes

Robert J. Eatinger, Jr.

Tony and Joanie Edwards

Michael J. Eidsness

Katy Eldridge

Donna and Jeff Fallas

Dr. Shamiram Feinglass

John R. Ferrantino

John Flatley

Bonnie and Stephen Flax

Mary and James Flounlacker

Kerry Frey

Andrew and Barbara Friedman

Mirtha Galdo-Hirst

Gina Garcia

Nancy P. Gardner
and David L. Huddle

David M. Gearin

Fred Gilbert

Harrell and Erleen Gillis

Linda and Timothy Gillis

Michael and Jennifer Gold

Dr. Leonard Goldman

Walter and Karla
Goldschmidt Foundation

Robert and Theresa Goudie

Katherine Goudreau
and Don Mesecher

Teresa Grish

Julie and Mark Groff

Brent Gurney

Denise Hanna

Dennis and Morgan Hanzlik

Florence and Peter D. Hart

David Hastman

Ryan Hayes

JoAnne Henck

James Hiller

Jo and Larry Hodgin

Blaine and Lisa Hollis

J. Timothy and Debra M. Howard

Andrew Huggins

William and Jayme Huleatt

Raymond J. and Irene+ Husson

Robin and Joseph Jackson

Jeffrey Johnson and Linda Prather

Larry Johnson

Matthew Jones

Lesley A. Kalan

Joseph C. Kale

Edward and Kathleen Karpinski

Cheryl L. Keamy and Paul J. Pantano, Jr.

Nazzic and Daniel Keene

Dr. David B. Keever and Family

Jodie Kelley and Scott Sinder

Sharon and Clayton Kilrain

Jina Kim and Steven Yun

Mr. Liam Kimbell
and Ms. Tammy Moore

George Koperna

Brita Kriss

Chad Lash and Caryn Wagner

Steve and Debbie Latter

Dr. Charles A. Lawson

Jean Lee

Kathleen and Michael Liddick

Ramiro Lindado

Jennifer Lyons and
Derek Morrissette

Catherine and Brad Lytle

Karen J. Maher and Don J. Huddleston

Michael and Lynn Maletick

John and Marcy Manning

Judith and Glenn Marshall

Don and Shari Maruca

Julia Mason

Maud Mater

Cheryl and Bill May

Allen McCabe

Richard and Beth McCormick

Stephen McCracken

Patrick and Courtney McCreesh

Patrick and Roseann McGeehin

Mary and Bernie McKay

Eric McNutt

Dr. Richard Mendelsohn
and Lisa Tureson

Christopher Meyer

Ingrid B. Meyer

Laura Miller

Christopher Mondok

Stewart Mones

Kevin and Lisbeth Moore

Kerri K. Morehart

The Muench Family

Ray and Patricia Murphy

Joanne Nanna

James G. Norman, Jr.

Rita Norton

Jed and Sarah Nussdorf

Maria E. O’Brien

Carol and Jorge Ochoa

Patricia and Patrick O’Connor

Mark and Patricia O’Donnell

Ted Olson

Megan Ortolan

Carlos A. and Mary E. Otal

Gary, JoAnn, and Jamie O’Toole

Neeraj D. Pai

Anne H. Peschel

John Pinkham

Christopher Poell

Margaret J. Pollack

Benjamin A. Powell and Natalie Coburn

Matthew Pozun

Nicholas A. Pyle

Edward and Kristin Quackenbush

Daniel and Roberta Quirk

John and Marian Quirk

Sandra Ray

Wendy A. Reilly

Everett Karyl Reinauer

David A. Robertson

Michael Romano

Harry M. Ross

Diane Rowland

Candace and Ben Rush

Tracy Ryan

James D. Sadowski

Cassie Scherer

Roy Schmiesing

Erica and Ted Schmitz

Gary and Diane Schnurrpusch

Ronda Schrenk

Jim Schwenke

John T. Sheridan, Jr.

Ira Sherman

William J. Shipp

Joseph Sifer

Suzan Sigmond

Cora and Murray Simpson

Kyle and Janet Simpson

William J. Sittig and
Divna Todorovich

Paul Skurpski

Martha Nell Smith
and Marilee Lindemann

Linda and Nigel Smyth

Dr. Depak Soni

Scott & Jane Sonnenberg

Eric Steiner

Dr. William Stejskal

David and Carol Stern

Jonathan Stetson

Craig and Belinda Stevens

James Strachan

Mary Ellen Taylor

Edward Terrenoire

Dale and Rosemary Theurer

Nathan Thomas and Amanda Lin

Linda and Steuart Thomsen

Karen Tomimatsu

Ed and Ina Tornberg

Annette L. Totten

John and Mary Tuohy

Amy and Jeff Turcotte

Sally A. Turner and
Jerry G. Bridges

Kelly and David Urgo

Juanita Washington

Robyn Weimer

Mark L. and
Mary B. Weshinskey

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Westbrook

Mark and Ria Weston

Jason White

John F. White and Linda Runge

Dr. and Mrs. Elliot K. Wicks

David and Jennifer Wiley

RADM+ and Mrs. R. C. Wilgenbusch

Robert Wise

Jeffrey and Mary Lou Withem

Julia and Pete Wood

Jo Ann Wright and Brian W. Russell

Karen Yankosky

*Also donors to The Campaign for Wolf Trap: Our Next Chapter
+ Deceased