Legacy Circle

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Thank you to the following individuals for generously supporting Wolf Trap Foundation’s future through their estate plans.

Anonymous (39)

Dr.+ and Mrs.
Duane A. Adams

Jeanne Oates Angulo
and Albert W. Angulo+

Jean W. Arnold

Jeannie P. Baliles*

Nancy A. Bartholomaei

Sharon and Gary Batie

The Honorable+ and
Mrs.+ James M. Beggs*

Ashley Benes

David and Joan Berenson*

Eleanor K. H. Blayney

Thomas W. Bliss and
Debra Harkins Bliss

Dr.+ and Mrs.+ 
George P. Bogumill*

Barbara A. Boinest

Barbara A. and
Peter P. Bonora

David M. Borowski
and Kerry Cadden

K. David Boyer, Jr. and Family

Mary W. Brady

Mrs. Joel T. Broyhill+*

Nancy Broyhill

Dennis and Julie Bruns

Beth B. Buehlmann

Edward A.+ and
Karen A. Burka

Allyson Butler

Mr.+ and Mrs.+ John K. Butler

Gregory S. Byrnes+

Marcia and
Frank C.+ Carlucci III*

James and Karen Chamberlain

Denise Chen and Tim Maas

Deborah M. and
Michael Jay Chusmir

Roy Cleland

Mark Richard Clem*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Collins

Suzanne Conrad*

Jim and Kaye Cook

Phyllis and Wes Corley

Stephen T. Cramolini
and John R. Feather II

Robert D. Davis, Jr.+ 
and Henry J. Schalizki+

Lawrence and Sharon Deibel

Laurie Parks DeLand

Ronald and Linda DeRamus

L. William Derrow

John and Lynn Dillon

Kristen and
Christopher Eckert*

Eddie and Rachel Eitches

Mary Elizabeth Ewing+

Suzanne Anastos Feigert

Gary T. Festerman+*

Marilyn Hicks Fitzgerald

Michael P. Fitzgerald

Mark and Lynn Freemantle

Daryl and Marcia Friedman*

Virginia McGehee Friend

Hermione Fthenakis

James N. Glerum
and Diane Morales Glerum

Stephen and
Barbara Goetting*

Bette S. Gorman

Sandra Goshgarian

Mark William and
Jodie Monger Gray

Robert H. and
Linda C. Grimes*

John and Dawn Grinstead

Barbara Groshans

Marcia Hackett

Allen Raphael Halper
and Kim Kunzig Halper

Carol V. Harford+*

Mr.+ and Mrs. Marion
Edwyn Harrison*

Robert H. and
Brenda Hawthorne

Holidae H. Hayes

Robin Crawford Heller

Kaye Ann Hellmich

The Honorable Sophocles A.+ 
and Mrs. Aphrodite S.+ Hero*

Jo and Larry Hodgin*

William M. Holmes, Jr.*

Clark Hoyt and Linda Kauss

Alexine Clement Jackson

Stuart C. and
Nancy M. Johnson*

Terrence and Polly Jones*

Ms. Terry Lynn Jones*

Barbara (Grabon)
and Robert Juszczyk

Ashok and Stuti Kaveeshwar*

Shawn Kelley
and Karen Albert

Janet and Jerry Kohlenberger

Sue Leonard

Mr.+ and Mrs.
Robert D. G. Lewis

Sally D. Liff+

Dr. Diana Locke
and Mr. Robert Toense

Mr. and Mrs.William J. Long

Dennis and Pam Lucey

Karyl Charna Lynn

Philip and Sandy+ Marcum

Mr.and Mrs.
William H. Marumoto*

Dr. R. Barbara Mattas*

Mr.+ and Mrs.
R. Dennis McArver*

Ann McPherson McKee*

Robert and Anita+ McKinley

Ingrid B. Meyer

Joshua, Benjamin,
and Micah Miller*

RoseMarie M. Mirabella*

Frances Edmonds (Mohr)
and Michael D. Mohr*

Ward+ and Barbara Morris

Mr. and Mrs.
Charles T. Moses III

Jim and Karen Murray

Dr.+ and Mrs.
J. Frederic Mushinski

Richard and
Stella Guerra Nelson*

Darrell L. Netherton

Dr. Norine E. Noonan*

Gerson Nordlinger, Jr.+

Nicholas Nylec II
and Sharon J. Nylec

Edward and Susan O’Connell

Philip and Marjorie Odeen*

Beatriz M. Oliveira

Stephen D. Parks, Jr. and
Amy Domagala-Parks

Susan J. and Stephen D. Parks

James B. Pearson, Jr.*

Dr.and Mrs.+ 
Jed W. Pearson, Jr.*

Julia Perry

Carol S. Popowsky

Dr. Kazuko K. Price+*

Jim+ and RosemaryProsser

R. J.+ and Nancy+ Purdy*

Charlene and
Richard Raphael

Don and Paige Rhodes

Dr. Robin Rinearson

Kevin and Kate Robbins

Julie Carter Roberts and
The Honorable James
Montgomery Roberts*

Lisa and Bud+ Roeder

Dr. James Roth

Kevin L. Rusnak and
Donald R. Dechow Jr.

Rosanne Russo

Bernadette Saperstein

Danielle O. and
John H. Saunders

Alan J. Savada*

Susan Sawyer+

David Lawrence Scally

Amy E. Schaffer

Ruth and Stan Seemann

Ronald Segal+ and
Beverly Dickerson

Keith and Michelle+ Senglaub

Keithand Barbara+ Severin*

Mary Shedlock
and Jim Mizner

Wayneand Mary KayShelton*

Joan Sheppard

Dr. George Siemering and
Vickie Watson Siemering

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silien

Mr.+ and Mrs. Murray Simpson

Sandra and Eoin Stafford

Robert E. Stovall and
Deborah D. Ralston

Pam and Greg Sullivan

Robert A. Timmins, Jr.

Ina and EdTornberg

Rick R. Treviño and
W. Larz Pearson

The Honorable Hans N. Tuch+
and Mrs. Tuch+

Lesley D. Turner and
Curtis L. Schehr

Mr. and Mrs.
James M. Underhill

Mr. and Mrs.
J. Robert Vakiener

Stephanie and
Fernando+ van Reigersberg

Charlie and Terry Walters*

Patricia Shea Ward and
Paul B. Ward

W. Jay and Camille Warren*

Donald W. Weber, Sr.

Mrs. Robert M. Weidenhammer+*

Margaret Miller and
Richard D. Welch, Jr.+*

Sue Ann Westlund
and James B. Zahrt

RADM Ronald C.+
and Mrs. Judith A. Wilgenbusch

Earle C.+ and
June A.+ Williams*

Miriam C. Flaherty Willis
and MG Simon V. L. Willis*

William L. Wingert, Jr.*

Deborah F. and
David A. Winston

Donna Wolverton

Mr.+ and Mrs.+ 
Harry E. Wood*

Andrew Woodcock
and Mary Ewell

Cheryl A. Wooden and
Dr. Deb Bobbitt

Thomas J. Zaug

*Charter Member
+ Deceased

“Being a member of the Legacy Circle is important to me because it is a way of contributing to an art form when I’m gone that has given me so much pleasure in my life.”

— Jean Arnold, Legacy Circle member